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Thread: sloe gin

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    sloe gin

    ok all - maybe a bit left field but i was just decanting the last of last years sloe gin and wondered if anybody here had any magical recipes they swear by?


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    Well it relies on sloes, that's for sure. And this year there waren't none. I found three on my usual hedge. It's so high that I have to stand on my roof rack to pick them. So pretty sure no one beat me to them.

    Gin, sugar and sloes for me usually. But I have heard people stick a vanilla pod in there. I like that idea.


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    I tend to make mine in a two litre pop bottle. I fill the bottles about two thirds full of sloes and then fill the bottles almost full with gin and about half a pound of sugar. I let it steep for a few months and then add extra sugar to taste. I usually put a few dried juniper berries in.

    This year has been poor for sloes round our way.



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    Been a good thread on this in the past lots of individual recipes. Personally I add a few blackberry.
    Just filtered off 5litres from last year

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    like you Chris there have been slim pickings in my usual haunts this year.

    has anyone ventured down the cinnamon stick and cloves ingredients line?

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    Five litres!!!

    Right. Err, I may need a bigger hip flask.

    And one of those hedge flailing machines.

    I like to make elderberry and crabapple jelly too. But last two years? Nope. Shocking. Was going to make cider this year form all the free apple trees around me. Saw less than half a doz apples on 4 trees.


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    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanIslander View Post
    ok all - maybe a bit left field but i was just decanting the last of last years sloe gin and wondered if anybody here had any magical recipes they swear by?

    Quince soaked in Vodka, maybe some sugar added too.

    My wife has got me a palinka cooker for Christmas - can't wait.

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    we used to use 1:1 sloes and sugar by weight
    I now scale back the sugar a little probably 4:3 or 3:2 sloes to sugar by weight

    approx half fill the bottle with sloes and sugar then put gin it.
    turn once a month

    dont leave the sloes in too long 3 months
    and once decanted dont move it. I leave mine at least 9 months preferably longer.
    make it in batches of 5-10 litres and it guarntees some vintage stuff of 3+ year old by the time you get to the end!

    creates a crystal clear liqueur

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    im sure i also read somewhere in the dim and distant past that you could manufacture some perfectly quaffable stuff in a very short space of time if the sloes were cooked causing them to release their flavour and colour first.

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    Morrisons advertising Gin, whiskey etc for £11

    My mate made cola cube vodka one year and boy does it pack a punch and is tasty, well in small doses. Think he put 1/2lb of cubes in a 2 litre bottle of vodka and let it dissolve.

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