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Thread: 308 rounds to suit Browning Xbolt

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    308 rounds to suit Browning Xbolt

    A good friend of mine has just got a browning Xbolt in 308 what pill would you reccomend for red hinds?

    Come on guys 308 is not my calibre i am not wanting to start winding folks up just want honest opinion/advice.
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    Start at 150gr and go up to 165gr stopping when you find one it likes.

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    123gr sako game head if factory ammo but if reloading 125gr Nosler ballistic tip. Just my opinion and am sure plenty of others will disagree! However, these should be reasonably fast/flat, accurate and do the business.

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    Whilst I appreciate that many do use lightweight bullets with success, I would always suggest 150 or 165 grain bullets for the 308 as first choice with 180 grain being a slightly distant third unless stalking in woodland. My reason for doing so is to maintain sectional density and therefore hopefully the tendency to penetrate deeply. There are exceptions to this rule in that bonded core or monometal bullets will often penetrate deeper for a given weight than conventional bullets so may be used at lighter bullet weights than average. My concern with the lighter bullets is not so much that they will not kill with a broadside chest or neck shot but that if I was presented with a more difficult quartering shot that the bullet may not penetrate deep enough to get to the vitals.
    Unfortunately the other reality is that each rifle is different so we cannot predict what will shoot well in your rifle. If you can do buy a few different boxes and try them on the range before buying a few boxes of the most accurate type

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    thanks srvet thats the kind of advice i was after.
    you have obviously uesd one considered the effects Great

    Off game shooting now oh duck flight first.

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    Try Federal Fusion 150grns a mate of mine shoots them in his x-bolt, they group very well, always exit with very little meat damage.
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    thanks srvet thats the kind of advice i was after.
    you have obviously uesd one considered the effects Great

    Off game shooting now oh duck flight first.

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    Having found my ideal 30-06 round in my XBOLT i am sticking with it.
    165 grain sierra game king and IMR4350 56 grains.
    It did not like 180 grain nosler partition, that was an expensive experiment!

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    ive got a 308 XBOLT and ive tryed several loads but ive settled on 180 grain sierra gameking SPBT/45 grains of lovexs065 powder/OAL 2.825 this load works a treat more knockdown power than the 150 grain and less meat damage
    only slight downfall is more drop off , but at normal stalking ranges not a issue

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