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Thread: Santa not impressed!

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    Santa not impressed!

    I thought it was funny but nobody else seemed to be laughing.
    Took my nearly 3 year old to see Santa yesterday at the local garden centre groto. While sat on his knee telling him what she wanted for Christmas. He told her to be good and leave him a mince pie and a carrot for his reindeer as he pointed to a large wooden cut out of a deer.
    To his horror and that of half dozen other parents with children, my daughter in a not so quiet voice said pointing at the deer "my daddy will shoot it and make Bambi burgers"
    Santa looked at me and said "that's not very nice is it"
    My daughter said "yes they are very nice, I like Bambi burgers"
    It was a thank you & quick exit stage left.

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    As long as it is no later than an hour after sunset when Santa visits!!

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    Kids just tell it like it is

    Tell us your recipe

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    brilliant, a few years back my daughter went into hospital and the nurses gave her a cuddly toy deer to play with before her op, she did the same " my daddy shoots these" she was 3 at the time.

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    Don't know if that story is true or not, but it should be....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndeere View Post
    Kids just tell it like it is

    Tell us your recipe
    Nothing special, just take chunks of venison (not the scrappy cuts - that goes into sausage) put it through the mincer, medium blade, then press in the plastic burger press. 100% Bambi burger. Shallow fry in a little olive oil.

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