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Thread: Hello There (mod prob)

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    Hello There (mod prob)

    Hello all

    I have been browsing the site so thought I would sign up. I have been involved in stalking since I have been young. I live in Lanarkshire I do most of my stalking in the western highlands on my familys farm. I shoot a sako 75 25-06.

    Having a bit of a drama trying to get a moderator for it. the barrel has been machined and currently has a muzzle brake on the end of it. The problem is it has a .8 thread on it. The size is still 14mm but because of the thread size I cannot get a mod that fits.

    I can get a Ase urea s5 blank but I will have to then pay to get the mod threaded to my required size. Anybody came across this before??



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    Welcome aboard. I guess you need to get the barrel chopped, recrowned and rethreaded to an appropriate thread for the moderator of your choice? Then bin the muzzle brake?
    Somewhere on Jackson's website there is a list of common moderator thread sizes - Jackson Rifles home page
    Regards JCS

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    What about an A-Tec from Jager SA on this forum, he has the blanks and offers any thread you want.
    See this thread. For Sale: A-TEC CMM 8 Black Steel


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    Not sure if a muzzle break is a restricted item (ie on ticket like a mod)? If not it might be possible to send the break to whoever threads the Mod for you just so there is no confusion over the thread you need in the mod. Just a thought

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    Thanks for the help guy's I think getting a blank mod is the way ahead because i can sell it on with a mod and a muzzle break that both fits the rifle!! Cheers for all the advice I have left jäger sa a message to see if he has any blank mods left! if he can drill the blank mod to my size that would be great!!!


    Cheers for the tip on sending off the brake to who ever is going to cut the mod, did not think of that one, that will save any dramas ref size!!! Cheers!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootneckstalker View Post
    Thanks for the help guy's I think getting a blank mod is the way ahead because i can sell it on with a mod and a muzzle break that both fits the rifle!! ..
    I don't agree. An odd thread is an odd thread. A buyer will still discount the cost of getting a common thread put on the muzzle. As I said above, I think you need to bite the bullet and put a common thread on the end of the barrel. I wouldn't be very happy with the supplier of the muzzle brake either. Regards JCS

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    I agree with JCS. Frankly, if a rifle wasn't cut 1/2" x 20 UNF, I wouldn't buy it.
    welcome to the site.

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    Thanks for the advice guy's I am taking it back to the shop and they are going to re-crown and re-thread for free!! Result! I will loose the muzzle break though!!

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