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Thread: Police seize weapons in Wick raid

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    Police seize weapons in Wick raid

    Quote: A NUMBER of weapons and ammunition have been seized from a registered firearms dealerís premises in Wick. Unquote

    Does anyone know anything about this, and what shop exactly they are talking about. Only gunshop in the county holding weapons and ammunition would be Colin Haygarth Dunnet, there is a fishing tackle shop in Wick but he only sells ammo !!

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    Not heard anything so far, but want to see what happens next!
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    It may not be a shop some people run an RFD business from home and sell them through the press or other auction houses i know one or two who do that as long as you have the right security keep your records up to date no probs

    could be one of these and did something naughty

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    actualy living in wick not heard anything..?

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    have looked on stv news and bbc scotland cant find anything..

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