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Thread: South Cornwall

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    South Cornwall


    I find myself in the enviable position of having a weeks break in S.Cornwall in the first week of July and was wondering whether anybody on the site knew of any guides in the area who could maybe show me the odd deer or two?


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    As a resident of said wonderful county deer here are very thin on the ground and there is no one locally I know of who takes out clients. The only populations of any numbers are in the north of the county or over the border in England.

    PM me if you fancy a pint while you are down!

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    Do not drink with a cornishman or you will turn into a pixie
    Where do you think they get all these pixies they sell to the grokels as souvenirs
    I didn't live far away when i was young so I was warned and managed to escape, I was lucky because then I was too young to drink

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    I guessed as much, perhaps I'll throw the fishing gear in instead, I do fancy a bit of saltwater flyfishing.

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    Plenty good bass fishing down there, And i know of a good charter boat if you fancy that in plymouth.

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    If your anywhere near Axminster Ian Farrington & Jo have some fantastic stalking and may if contacted be able to put you up over night

    The accomodation is first class as is the company and little jo's cooking.

    Ive just spent a couple of days with them and had a great time


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    hi might be to late.. but i know some who can take you stalking down here with no probs...deer are NOT thin on the ground in Cornwall, just hard to find f you dont have alot of permissions on alot of land. you just have to be in the know! my guy has 20 years experience and is an accredited witness currently putting me through my level one and two, and is the most reasonably priced stalker around! if you are interested call me on 07772 112103

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    "my guy has 20 years experience and is an accredited witness currently putting me through my level one and two,"

    I am not after any stalking but I would like to know how this AW is putting you through both level one and two. How does that work.
    I thought level one was a course and level two was being witnessed once you'd got a few years experience or a very intensive shorter period.

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    My AW has a friend who runs a company called train 4 game, they run the level 1 courses so i do all my stuff through them / my AW

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    Train for Game is part of UK Deer Services, run by Tim Davies. Tim's a top bloke, as his stalker Colin, and they have access to some superb stalking all over the south west.

    His training course are very good too - he runs some of the BASC official DMQ courses and some of his own DMQ course with the timetable changed to suit the course member's experience or availability.


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