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Thread: Lost my virginity !

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    Lost my virginity !

    Well it has been a long time waiting but today I finally shot my first fox.

    I was out on one of my permissions trying to find a suitable roe doe for the cull plan and to use my new Ziess HD conquest binos for the first time. It was a cracking morning and sunrise. With snow on the ground and a frosty night I had to take care to keep the noise underfoot to a minimum.

    I spotted a beast just in the bottom field but by the time I worked my way down to it, it had disappeared. I saw four more approx 500 yards away in the middle of the next field. With no way to get to them without being seen. However they moved up the field and into the wood and out of sight.

    I had a scan over the rest of the fields and saw Charlie cutting across the corner of the fiel in the opposite corner, approx 1000 yards away. I had a wander down the field a bit further but it was too noisy so turned around and headed back up towards the wood where the four roe had headed into earlier. I had a scan through the binos and spotted the fox at the top of the next field. He sniffed about a bit then hopped up on top of a round straw bale and lay down.

    I was heading back up that way but didn't expect to see him again as they rarely hang about for long.

    I crunched my way back up and along the top of the field. As I came over the brow of a hill in the field I spotted the fox not far from the bale, still out in the stubble. I managed to get up behind a bale, got the rifle up on the bipod and a solid firing position.

    The fox was a fair old way out but I had a solid lean so I decided if I got a safe shot I would take it. I didn't think it was going to get a safe shot as it wandered down the field but it sniffed about in front of one of the large bales and stopped broadside. I aimed a few inches high to allow for the distance and squeezed the trigger and down he went.

    I paced out the distance and the shot was 260 yards and a perfectly placed chest shot.

    Another outing and another life experience has been had.



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    Sweet,the first of many and the feeling never goes,each one is just as satisfying!!!!.................well done..........

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    Good for you, I well remember my first one, good feeling isn't it


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    Well done, 260 yards is a nice shot! I will always remember my 1st charlie with the rifle, it was all the more memorable as my 9 year old son was with me at the time.


    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Well done mate hope its the first of many

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    Excellent stuff - well done!

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    Well done mate but GIVE UP IMMEDIATELY!!!! Its a terrible affliction and highly addictive! It gets really expensive and you will never be satisfied or get the job done!!!!!

    Joking.................. well done and keep up the good work

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