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    Dog Sense

    My almost 13 year old spaniel is totally deaf but................

    Last week I was talking to my wife about this dog being very deaf and him just wandering about the garden whereas in his day he was a very hard hunting dog and loved shooting days. In jest I said "Time he was going a one way walk". More to wind the wife up as she is very soft hearted when it comes to this dog. From that day he won't go a walk with me. Goes out no problem with the Mrs but no matter what I do to encourage him to go with me he just lies in his bed with that "P1ss off" look.

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    Does the wife have her dog walking certificate level 2 and you dont p'raps?

    Dogs know these things...
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    think he read your lips lol

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    Sounds like a very well "Tuned in" type of dog!
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    Always trust your dog

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Tried that trick, but it didn't work either my dogs know I wasn't serious, are too stupid or just can't see the wife getting off her fat backside to ever take them for a walk.

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