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Thread: grants for planting tree's

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    grants for planting tree's

    Hi, last weekend i was talking to a upm tilhill stalker(devon/cornwall) his boss/contact within the firm has said that currently their are no grants for new woodlands and he was quite worried about the future.

    Has anyone else heard the same ??

    I must admit that i have not seen any new plantings for awhile, apart from forestry(pine)

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    woodland creation is one of the few areas where there is plenty of funding for across most of the UK, unless the funds have been allocated for this year in your region. If this is the case there will be more available again in April. The grants for existing woodland management are more limited currently as the funds are being targeted towards dealing with plant health issues such as Phytopthora and Chalara

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    Not sure on the England Wales situation but in Scotland, things are are slowing down. The grant system runs out end 2013, 2013 having little cash. New scheme isn't written yet and we may have a year without a grant system although FC are on a month by month programme and hope to fund the interim.

    Gov aspiration is still for expansion and there will still be money in some form or another, we also have to see what happens with CAP .

    the future is a little uncertain but there will be something ( not sure what exactly?)

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