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Thread: Versa-pod/ Harris

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    Versa-pod/ Harris

    I know there are a lot of Harris users and fans out there, but I'm in the market for a bipod and it sounds like the versapod ticks all the boxes. Have been using a harris 13+" and find it a bit tall for me. Also can make a noise when opening .
    The versapod seems to have loades of advatages over the Harris:
    1. V easy to swap from gun to gun (I'll be able to put on the 22 v easily)
    2. Lighter
    3. Cheaper (a bit)
    4. Can easily swap to taller bipod if you want
    5. Easy to hieght adjust
    6. Can fold forward or back
    7. Easy to remove when slipping or putting in cabinet.

    It all sounds great on paper but in practice am I missing something?
    Would be great to here from someone whos got one or tried both.

    Cheers George

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    Go Harris, tilt 9-13". About 80-100 but worth it.
    IMO you will regret a versa pod thingy.
    You will still be using the harris in 15 years, the other well who knows!
    You can use it on any rifle with swivels ( only one without is Blasers and some sauers).

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    I've got both, I don't use a bipod most of the time, but I prefer the versapod for most of the reasons you've listed.

    The harris is a bit steadier if that matters to you, but you can pan round with the versapod, you can't with the harris, also the legs can fold on you on the harris, that can't happen on the versapod because you need to squeeze the legs together.

    I've got the kneeling version as well as the prone, the theory being that you can swap between the two depending on the situation. In practice I've not found a convenient way to carry a second bipod, nor a situation where there's been enough time to swap, besides which most shots I'm likely to take are off sticks! Still, it's easy enough to leave the spigot on the rifle and take off the bipod. As a bonus, because I've got 2 bipods, I've also got 2 mounts, so I can put them on 2 different rifles.

    I ordered my kneeling one straight from the states direct from Versapod off their website and it was dead quick in arriving.

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