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Thread: Howa long action stock

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    Howa long action stock

    Thanks for looking at my wanted add,

    Has anyone got a long action stock to fit a HOWA?.

    All stocks considered.

    Please PM if you have anything, can pay via bank transfer in order to get you an extra few quid before Christmas.

    having a bit of fun with the smilies too, merry Christmas to you!.

    Tam The Gun

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    I have a Bell and Carlson Medallist with full length aluminium bedding block, it is finished in green with black spiders web and the rubberised du-max finish.

    Looking for£175 for it.



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    Barrel design

    I have a sporter barrel, will this stock be suitable?.I think that the ally bedding will be of great use.Thanks for your reply.TTG

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    Any one know about Boyds replacement stocks, looked at thumbhole laminate stock for the Howa long action.

    are they worth the money,

    do you get import tax from customs,

    would UK customs stop it from coming into this country as USA can be a bit strict with firearms and components!?.

    to get a thumbhole featherweight posted to uk £99 all in, surley there is more to it than that for a stock?.

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    Hi Tam

    Here is a photo of the stock, yes the barrel channel is free floated for a sporter barrrel.



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    Thanks for the pic, I like the stock alot and I have sent you a PM.



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