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    Two Firsts

    Well wee Piper nme got a first each this eve. I at last shot two deer with my 30-06 Ackley, I found a group of three Roe, a mother with two youngsters. Opted to take her and one of the youngsters as they appeared to be very healthy. They dropped like a stone and a great whack when the bullet connected from around 80 yards off the sticks. I called chellie who was at home and told her to bring along wee Piper to do her first blood trail with freshly shot deer. Piper did superb, I though she would struggle as a frost was setting and the deer dropped on the spot, foolish me, she found them with ease , well she is later with her prize. Well chuffed with her as only 7.5 months old, lives for deer blood, n nose always glued to the ground. I was told Borders were good for blood work and she has not let me down,now I know why they are so well thought of in Sweden and Denmark etc.
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    What weight of bullets and what speeds are you getting with the AI over the standard 30-06 mate?

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    I am using 165 grain SSTs , not sure of the actual speed as only gone off quickload so far and cant remember what that suggested the speed would be. All I know is the rifle I had re-barreled by Patrick Croft is a same bullet on on same bullet hole tack driver. A wee bit more meat damage than my 6.5, but does that matter, well not to me as the deer dropped stone dead on the spot.

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