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Thread: Level 2 Stalking needed

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    Level 2 Stalking needed

    I am looking for somewhere and someone to get me through my level 2 without been ripped off with silly prices for writing up my portfolio etc.I am willing to travel almost anywhere if there is the possibility of getting the 3 deer required,i do not want to keep the deer and have no interest in medal heads.I passed my level 1 a couple of years ago and my Lantra certificates in small and large game at the same time.I have been shooting since 1991 and staking for 3 years in which time i have shot 11 deer and Gralloched them all ,but not carried out a full level 2 inspection.I live in West Yorks and would appreciate any help.Cheers Steve

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    It is a long shot but if you end up with any stalking in the South, ie Wiltshire/Salisbury area I am an AW and do not rip people off.
    If I think a person is up to the required standard then all will go well and you will pass, not that I am in a position to say you will pass, only that everybody I have witnessed has passed.
    I might emphasise that I do not act as witness for anybody I do not think will pass and I make that decision after speaking to them and before we go out - so no money changes hands beforehand.

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