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Thread: Price of shooting DVDs

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    Price of shooting DVDs

    Why oh why are they so much more expensive than VHS cassettes ever were they seem all to be selling at 29.99? The technology involved is a no brainer today.
    Another case of ripping off the punters?
    Comments appreciated.

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    It's a small market. The set up and production costs are shared between a very small number of units, yet it would be impractical to run them one at a time in your back bedroom.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    But VHS cassettes were for the same small market and they were nowhere in these price brackets.

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    When VHS was the only format all wages production costs etc. were a lot cheaper. Inflations your answer!

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    I get a freebee DVD of 40 minutes length each month delivered with my Deutsche Jagd Zeitung magazine subscription which is what prompted my comment.
    If they can add it to a normal subscription FOC as it cost the same as my other German mags per year the inflation argument has a lot of holes in it IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    my other German mags
    Oh yes!!

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    Got a problem with that mate?

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    Can I ask-is the DVD you get free shot purely for the magazine you buy? Or is it a compilation of new releases?

    also, are you a fluent enough German speaker to know how much advertising or product placement is within this DVD?

    Also, have to consider the size of Germany and the number of Germans who hunt and so the readership of this magazine is high enough to generate an income from copy price and advertising sales that a UK based publication could only dream of. I presume the magazine must be good-I hear people from the UK are buying it!

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    Above is a preview of the DVD which goes into more detail of the articles contained in the magazine with no advertising or product placement except at the end where they are selling some magazine bits like a knife or game tray at fair prices.
    350,000 German hunters with very few pigeon shooters due to the daft eu season laws on the mainland of europe. but here there are estimated to be 200,000 pigeon shooters, so how are pigeon shooting DVDs here so high with such a high potential customer base?
    The DJZ magazine is very good as most articles delv deeply into the how-tos on each subject covered with articles going to 4-5 pages with lots of photos. It makes shooting times look like what it is, a weekly comic with very little depth, I get that on subscription also but not for much longer (it seems to be always going on about the attacks on our sport while avoiding much depth for helping newcomers to the sport).
    Yes I am a fluent enough German speaker but mainly due to my German missus of 33 years.
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    There is a rip off element involved, but it depends on the production run, and whether you know a friends who can do Graphic Design, Camera Operating, Sound Recording, Video Editing, DVD Authoring, etc., if you don't then the commercial costs / limited production run, advertising, marketing, and profit relate to 29.95.

    However, I was able to produce Rugby DVDs for commercial sales by a national charity, at a cost of 44p each, but that was with everyone doing the labour for free, and donating their copyright.

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