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Thread: Arktis vs Kammo ?

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    Arktis vs Kammo ?

    I'm looking for a jacket, something like a Kammo kodiak or an Arctis Falkland Jacket, does anyone rate either more highly than the other ? It needs to be plain in color as I can't be having a camouflage pattern on it and I'm looking for something with nice big collars on it that zips up to the top, not one of those silly Barbour like arrangements which leaves all of ones neck exposed to the elements. I'm a size 44 inch chest so a large or X large will be the way forwards. If anyone has any suggestions or even better something for sale then please PM me.
    Kindest regards, Olaf

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    I haven't tried the Arktis, but rate my Kammo Fieldcoat highly.
    i know a chap who bought one in large, but needed a medium who may well sell his. If you want his number drop me a PM.

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    I have two Kodiaks. One is 15 years old and still waterproof, the other 8 years old. As said the sizing is generous.

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    My girlfriend has the Arktis (country covers) Falklands coat and, if I didn't have dozens of other coats, including two Country covers ones, I would buy a Falkland tomorrow. Top quality and excellent design. The Kammo have a very good reputation too but I have never had one. Not much help but I think that you have narrowed it down to the top two jackets available. Glyn

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    I bought the Country Covers Falklands jacket recently. Its built like a tank and has a super warm high collar. Not cheap but looks like its built to last. British made (a big plus for me) and 5 year guarantee as well. It does come up very large as it is sized for large Americans. My I bought a medium and have a size 44 chest and there is still plenty of room.

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    I have 2 Kammo jackets.
    Cannot fault them and easily the best I have owned.

    A good example was a few nights ago, I shot a fox whilst lay prone off the bipod.
    Only problem, the field are waterlogged, So I was effectively lay in a couple of inches of freezing water.
    Neither the Kodiak jacket I was wearing, or the Kammo trousers let a drop of water through.

    Dont know about the other product , but Kammo are quality clothing


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    Have had both, both excellent.

    Only comment on the Kammo, is that it's pretty heavy. For me it is too heavy for walking.

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    Well, I'm impressed by the sheer quality of the replies ! It looks like its a heads up for the Kammo then, I'm pleased as that's not quite so many and looks good too. Thanks for the replies, they were helpful indeed.
    Another thing of interest to all may be the Lowlander jacket ! Its really fantastic and having had a long chat with its designer yesterday, will be getting one next week for all other stalking activities. So, its the Kammo Kodiak or Field coat for Highseat work and the Lowlander for all else. I will review them fully once I've field tested the little puppies out. Thanks once more and have a great Christmas.

    Kindest regards, Olaf

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    I have owned an arktis jacket i think the falkland prior to it being called the falkland bought 5 years ago at the Midland for 150.
    It has a removable fleece liner which when worn together is incredible warm and surprisingly breathable.It is totally waterproof and ive had it in the worst and the best of weather.mine has over a dozen pockets,my only crit would be the hood is held together by a flexible frame which could be better,and in a serious downpour the inside pocket where I keep my mobile becomes slightly damp with condensation,but it is breathable,but my first stalking jacket I take with me.
    Coincidently a friend also has the waterproof parka with matching trousers and they too are totally waterproof at around 230.
    Further more, my brother in law swears by his Kammo kodiac,so it's your choice.

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    I have Arktis coat and trousers which i use for work daily and for stalking/shooting and i cant fault there kit.

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