I haven't done a lot of promotion of late as I have been flat out making. I have some that are Christmas presents still to do this week, some in progress in terms of sanding, others about to have the handles glued on.

It did get me to thinking a little further ahead and I thought I'd better push things a tad to ensure I don't have too much time to get myself in trouble in the new year.

Batch three:

250, to included the finished knife.

  • Your choice of stabilised handle (within reason).
  • Your choice of liners (mainly black or red but others are available)
  • Your choice of bolt (stainless or brass really)
  • A handmade leather sheath, to your design, again within reason
  • Special delivery to your door, fully insured.
  • Photos along the way

There are several examples on the last thread here:

Batch two of 'The Stalking Knife'

and I have started a facebook page to show things happening which I intend to keep much more up to date


So, if anyone fancies a new handmade knife in the New Year (there is no chance for Christmas now I'm afraid). I would be more than happy to help,.