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Thread: Early Roe rut?

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    Early Roe rut?

    Last saturday 6th June I pulled over on the side of the road to watch a couple of Roe.
    The buck was a decent mature animal and the doe was a yearling, for 15 minutes a watched them run rings. The buck was very eager and while the doe wasnt totally committed she was doing enough to keep him keen.
    This was all going on at about 1.30 in the afternoon next to a fairly busy road and all the time I stood up wind at about 80 yards away in clear veiw cursing for not having the camera.
    Half an hour later an a mile up the road where was another buck tight up a does rear.

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    I have also seen this in the past in later June when we had very good weather.

    Here on the south coast its been very good in the weather department now for about 6 weeks I guess so this could all be just starting signs of pre rut activity with very mature bucks I guss

    Regs Lee

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    Had a Buck we shot this weekend in a hay field doing much the same.

    The Doe gave the game away as I had seen her first. She was watching something in the middle of the field, which I assumed may have been her fawn. But on closer inspection with the bino's I could see the grass being thrown in the air by a buck who turned out to be as old as the hills. He started to chase her about and obviously make his mark on his territory, and moved further down the field with his head firmly fixed for a brief moment on her rear.

    A quick stalk through a hedge and round the corner into the field keeping tight into the hedge row and out he came bounding about like a 2 year old. Up on the sticks and he dropped to the shot never to move again.

    One happy client as he had three bucks with me in two outings and a further guy off this site also had a buck later that evening, so two happy chappies.

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    I did 7 stalks during the last week in may and twice saw bucks chasing Does.

    One of the evenings we saw a really old buck run with a Doe for about 20 minutes, till they ended up at the other end of the field and out of sight!


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    Yep, two happy chappies indeed Malc!
    Thanks for a great day out.

    See you in the doe season?

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    No problem Geoshot, good to meet you at long last and let me know when you are ready for a crack at the Doe's

    Take care


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    Last 2 times out stalking l have seen the same thing 1st time it was an old buck chasing a doe the second time was a younger animal both bucks seem to be glued to the does back sides as if the rut was in full swing.

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    well i dont know if the rut is coming early , but somthing is on the boil !!
    all my big bucks are on the move , have seen every last one this after noon !!

    cheers lee

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