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Thread: Boar Earlston-Lauder

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    Boar Earlston-Lauder

    Spotted boar piglet run over on side of road between Earlson and Lauder today. 1000% sure, usual pig shape, face, and the brown and light white stripes running the length of it with a grey background.

    can't believe they've made it this far east.

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    Did you get a pic?

    Seem late in the year for breeding? of do they breed all year round?

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    couldn't stop for a picture - no need, slowed down to see, unless it was a fox dressed in boar costume of course,,,it was a boar - as clear as daylight.

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    Made some enquires regarding this seems some escaped from a pen in a wood up the back of lauder.maybe one of them .

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    This is on my door step, literally!

    I know a couple of guys that keep cross boar/pigs (I think) for the meat but not true wild boar. I would have thought I would have heard if someone round here had them if that was the case. Know of one guy near Coldingham on the coast, about 30 miles away who has loads and cannot get rid of them.... watch this space.

    I will have a look for it tonight when going to find a xmas tree...

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