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Thread: Fox numbers

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    Fox numbers

    I have had a busy year in the end on the foxes. I get out a couple of times a week on average but uptil end of July had only shot 29. I then got 28 in August and am now up tom 99 for the calendar year. My best night was 7 but we have had 2 sixes and a few fives. My best year previously was 74

    I just womdered how others have fared and what a good year comprises of in numbers?

    (I know its not all about numbers but I am curious. Where you are based and the amount of ground you cover might be interesting too)

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    I had 105 last year. This year, to date, I've had 165. I'm not sure how much ground I have these days, but it must be well over 20,000 acres, all of which is between Exeter and Exmoor. I'd probably have taken a lot more if I could drive these areas, but I can't. I get a lot of walking done!

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    What is interresting Paddy is we both seem to be up around 60% on last year (you a bit more than me). You got any contributory factors to that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootingduckdog View Post
    What is interresting Paddy is we both seem to be up around 60% on last year (you a bit more than me). You got any contributory factors to that?

    There more foxes about - because of the warm spell we had early on, there was a lot more food about. Consequently, there were two or even three litters from most territories as the result of the dominant vixens allowing their siblings to breed.

    I've got a lot more land to shoot over. Just two of the new shoots must total ten thousand acres between them.

    I've further refined my techniques - I'm much better at using my thermal alongside my other kit, for a start.

    How about you?

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    Just for your info and numbers research! We fox over 2 farms, totalling 300 acres. Most of the time we shoot them on a baiting site in winter when theyre hungry and coming in for an easy feed, plus were getting lazy! we shoot on average about 20-25 a year. our average outing is once every 2 weeks.

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    I reckon there are good litters this year but I have had more foxes moving in since the cubs got mobile. I put this down to the crap weather and people not wanting or able to get out on the stubbles. The dogmen have also been generally less active so I am not sure if there are more foxes in Yorkshire this time or wether, because I am obsessed and go out come what may, I have simply seen more of them.

    I also think I have benefitted from better technique and the fact that I have more strategies available to me now, experience is a wonderful thing. I also have settled on 2 or 3 partners that I work well with so we have less balls ups. I am yet to really get into the TI stuff although we have played with it a bit.

    As regards land I have taken my foxes off around 7-10 000 acres but 3500 acres at least is grouse moor so the population density there is very low

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    A few arrested here in Cumbria on a good night.

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    109 and counting for me so far. The Southeast has a very high population, and I put my annual tally solely down to how much effort I put in. This year I spent a lot of time out between April and August, reached the century in early September and have hardly bothered since... but then I had 5 more walking back to the truck after dark after an evening stalk on my fallow ground this weekend!
    My best year was 117, but I made it my goal that year to get my first hundred.
    Last year I think it was just over 70. I personally wouldn't say there were any more around this year, but I could be wrong.

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    We have no foxes in the Isle of Man.....boooo hooo


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    Used to be plenty of foxs on my ground, not too many about now thank god!!

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