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Thread: Newbie from neath, south wales

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    Newbie from neath, south wales

    Hi everyone, my names Richard. I have a GSP bitch which I have just started to use for dogging in on a friends shoot. I am hoping to use her for walked up falconry on partridge in the near future. Also own a 6 month old gwp dog from must work kennels.

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    Welcome to the site Richard. Loads of help and info on here. Are you going to train the Gwp for Deer? Got four of the buggers at the mo.


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    Hi ade, not sure what I'm going do with him yet. How can you cope with four of them. One is doing my head in, stubborn arrogant and everything in between.

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    I thought the same - Four, he must be daft!

    I've only got the one, but he's great (11 months old now). I said that I would never have another GWP when the old one passed on at the start of the year but am I glad I was persauded to change my mind. He's from down west - Carmarthan. Thanks Dave.
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    Welcome to the site,

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    I thought the same - Four, he must be daft!
    You can never have too much of a good thing!!

    Don't wory, they do calm down by about 3 years old


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    You won't regret getting one, extremely versatile dogs. I used to have spaniels but wouldn't go back to them. You will need plenty of patience as they can be bloody minded, but the results will make up for all the times when you wanted to pull your hair out.

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    I hope so, my gsp was a nightmare so I'm prepared for what's to come.. He seems to have stopped growing for a while, 23 ish inches and around 28kg at the moment. He's 6 1/2 months..

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