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    Saws V deer

    Tonight Went to a relatively new permission had it just over a year and taken roe and munty from it ,the main wood had the forestry boys in it over the summer and they stripped out the spruce and the crappy ash and oak .
    well my mate and I hardly saw a slot and very little sign of deer .we both saw a munty a field or so from the big wood but very little else.
    its a real shame but I suppose it has to be done to help the wood develop trouble is all the bottom has gone all those bramble patches and snow berry bushes .
    question is how long will it take to recover and deer inhabit it again will this spring see rejuvenation or will it take another year ?
    Cheers Norma
    ps I really don't like looking into a wood that looks like an atom bomb went off it was such a fantastic place almost magical if you can imagine it .

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    It will improve the woodland. The cover will shoot up now the light can get to the floor. We never saw a reduction in numbers when we had our wood thinned, the shoot had there best season in years!

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    Make the most of it this spring whilst you can still see the deer as the under-storey will errupt now that the light is in there.
    Nature has a way of mending things very quickly.

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    The wood has a huge woodland ride we have shot deer on during last winter and spring ,fortunately the forestry kept the saw and forwarder off this and used a makeshift road made up of debris there is also rides branching off This main ride these are still quite clear so hopefully in the spring we can See deer crossing these .

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