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    Just started using iPad seem to have closed last post don't no how sorry . Here are some pics of gun does anyone no what make and how old it is 12 g self ejector.Attachment 22280Attachment 22281Attachment 22282

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    What's on the butt pad? Is that a crack on the face of the right hand action.

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    No idea on the make. Are there no makers details on the rib or action? The action looks as if it has been polished too much.
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    The only really distinctive part as far as I can see is the concentric circles on the top lever. Never seen those on anything I've owned, but perhaps someone here has?

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    I've seen the concentric circles before but can't remember what on, maybe I'm confusing them with the circles on the butplate of a Baikal or Brno?
    Aren't the BV stamps only the proof house viewing marks?
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    It can be dated, or at least when it was proof tested dated, if you can tell us what the two letters are either side of that "X" on the flat of the bottom of the left hand barrel.

    I believe that it will be between 1950 to 1955 and that the letter (other than the B) will be another "B". So 1951 proof - see:

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    Back out gun safe the x has bXb there looks like I in middle of the x
    just noticed there are bp on it as well hard to see mag glass out the crap drawer in the kitchen
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    anyone know what make this gun is. it is bugging me help

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