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Thread: Book - The Lore Of The Land by John Seymour

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    Book - The Lore Of The Land by John Seymour

    Hi all

    Got a copy of the above book for sale. (1984). Very good read, full of useful information and practical advice, from hanging a fence to draining land, from planting trees to hay-making make this a classic reference on land management. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Sally Seymour this sturdy classic covers all aspects of land husbandry: Woodland Management Hedging and Coppicing Woodland Craft Looking after the soil Building and repairing walls Fencing Grassland Management Packed full of practical advice, as well as old country living lore this book is not only paying homage to a man who spoke for a whole generation but is a valuable asset for anyone living off the land. Written principally for those who have a small piece of countryside, John Seymour provides practical advice on how to husband it and keep it in good heart for future generations - advice not in any of his other books. Lore of the Land has detailed information on the care of trees, woodland, meadows, ponds, hedges, fences and walls, using organic fertilisers and natural weed prevention techniques with practical guides covering every aspect of land management including how to make hay, how to make a gate, how to drain a field, how to puddle a clay pond, how to cope with rabbits, how to mix livestock and meadow, how to fell a tree and much, much more. Useful for shoot management etc?

    Only selling as my gf got me a new copy of the 30th anniversary edition for my birthday. Looking for 6 (ONO) posted and paypalled. Thanks.

    (Advertised elsewhere too).

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    Provisionally sold to you, squire. Just awaiting payment.

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