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Thread: Ey up mi duck.....!

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    Ey up mi duck.....!

    Wasnt aware of the TSD until the weekend, when I went on a highseat course and met some folks from here .

    I know, I know if I'm still in a highseat I shouldnt be playing with guns, but I'm hoping by next week I'll have shed my bib and shorts and can start playing with the big boys.....

    Anyhoo, been stalking for a few years (effectively on land that is within the family) although father-in-law has given the rights to one of his mates for this season (as a return favour). Have DSC 1 and now seriously thinking of doing 2. Use .270Win and .22-250rem primarily for Fallow and Munty. I reload (and am a self confessed 'brass tart') and enjoy that side also.

    As well as a 'bit of staking', I have full vermin control duties on the game shoot, and am this year running the beaters (giving up my paying gun to get the job done properly) and hence allowing F-I-L to pull in the favour....

    So may be looking to spread my wings a little with some stalking trips elsewhere and checking out the other species....

    I have to say with the little bit of lurking that I have done, this looks a very well set up site..... ( I am on a couple of other shootiing sites.... Airgun BBS NOT being one of them - history there.... )

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    welcome to the site mate,where abouts are you based? you will be pleased you found the site im sure.

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    Hi Burpster
    Welcome to the site good to see you here.


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    Hi mate!

    It was good to meet you on the highseat course.



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    Location location location.....

    Sorry, about the lack of location mybad...

    Lincolnshire just south of Lincoln.

    Wayne (I apologise in advance for being sh!te with names..) was it you that had the 6.5x55 and if it was did you get that shell out yet..?

    Amir... will PM you with my contact details...


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    Hi Bob
    Yes it was fine thanks good to meet you.
    Have you or Amir heard how Pheasant sniper is with his mutant insect bite


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    Hi Guys, sorry to ask but what did you learn on a highseat course? Who ran it? I have never heard of one before and am interested.

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    Not sure of the guy's tag on here but he is well known on another forum, and without giving all teh contents away, we had disscussion of all aspects of Highseat usage, H&S and construstion of them and practicals in that too. At the end of teh course we are all furnished with a full set of plans to contsruct our own based on thier design (which is really very good and cost effective).

    Then a quick prcatical excersize based on shooting from the H/S.

    We were all regular stalkers there but I certainly learned a bit and am now getting the bits together to make my own freestander.

    As for Pheasent stalker I'm just hoping they didnt amputate.....

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    Ah, that would be me then!

    Guys, many thanks for the kind words - enjoyed meeting and spending time with a great bunch of blokes.

    Terry (Pheasant Sniper) is out of hospital now - and once more alive, if not kicking for a few days!

    Story here:

    Rgds Ian

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