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    I have had my own FAC for around a year now and currently have a 22lr and .222 on my ticket and have used around 300 and 100 rounds through each respectivley. I am hoping to add a 22-250 that I have been offered for a very reasonable price. I want to chop the 22-250 and use it from a vehicle for foxes and as its synthetic no worries about knocking chunks out of it. I want to keep my .222 as is and use it when im out for Roe. My only worry is that because I already have a .222 they may not grant me the slot for 22-250. Is asking for the extra slot for a similar calibre a lost cause or are the reasons stated enough to justify the 22-250? Any thoughts appreciated.

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    are you sure one of them is not going to be used (ie set up for nightvision only) wink wink, good reason

    one for day one for night

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    If you are only going to use the 22-250 for night shooting foxes , you could go down the route of having it with night vision set up on it.

    Had a similar issue myself last year with having a 30-06 and wanting to add a 270
    Reason - Zeroed at different ranges. 100 yrds for woodland Sika 30-06 and 270 zeroed at 200 for hill reds - Authorised

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    I had similar too. Had a 25-06 and applied for a 30-06. When asked why I wanted such similar calibres I said because you won't let me shoot boar with my 25-06. "oh yeah" came the reply - Authorised

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