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Thread: Any impressions on this liver..........

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    Any impressions on this liver..........

    This liver is from a 101lb otherwise apparently healthy Fallow Buck,apart from not having a lot of cover and only one full antler and a nub on the other side.The thumb nail sized abscesses are filled with a creamy paste and not chalky or grainy,and the lungs were normal as were the lymph glands................


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    Could it be a 'fatty' liver?
    I don't think its the dreaded TB, i have dealt with 2 TB infected deer, neither had a liver that looked like that.
    Fallow do tend to carry a lot of fat.

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    They are definitely abscesses. The liver has a huge blood supply so infection anywhere else in the body can spread via the blood stream to the liver and set up localised infection. The most common source is an umbilical infection in young animals.

    Have a good look for other signs of infection but if everything else seems in order and the carcase sets I can't see a problem chucking the liver and eating the rest.

    'Fatty liver' is usually caused by starvation and the liver is generally quite yellow and greasy. It's spread evenly.

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    Are these just on the surface, or spread deeper throughout the organ?


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    They are just on the surface Chris

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    Hi, could be abscesses (Hydatid cysts) caused by tape worm, the liver is healthy other wise so does suggest it is at its early stages, just one or two worms in the gut. TB I would suggest not, the cysts come together a lot more and more rounded and pronounced. Sorry to sound like a meat inspector but..........

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    Always interesting to read these posts. It may well help me or others in the future. And just the sort of thing I like to see on SD. Thanks for posting.

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    would think they look like a stage of a tape worm cyst from the photos

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    Abcesses caused by historical fluke?

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