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Thread: Gbr action

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    Gbr action

    Hi can any1 give me some info on the GBR ACTION any1 with experience using them!? reliable,accurate,tolerances,smoothnes etc all info would be hugely appreciated thanks.

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    hello i have had a 7mm08 built on one for around 18 months now its as good as any of the remmy clones ive seen. Also look at the valkerie action same concept just £100 cheaper


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    Go for the Valkyrie action, speak to baldie (dave Wylde) and you wont go wrong a 100 percent uk built and manufacturered rifle ation
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    Have a look at the dcr actions they do also.

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    Are you just after an action? I ask as i do not think Baldie Dave sells his Actions unless on one of his builds. I am prepared to be corrected on this though.


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    i think dcr used to make the gbr actions for rhino. From all the remmy clones ive seen there all much the same and will show little difference in a hunting rifle. alternativly you could look around for a donor action (sako, remington, ect) and have a rifle built on that
    i wish i had gone this route and saved a little money. I had mine built for stalking primarily but enjoy bashing steel at long range as well and it does both well but its no more capable than my standard sako 85 is. If you want to go all out dave at valkerie is working on a new action available next year that sounds the nutts
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    If my memory serves me well Vincent Bottomley built a 260 rem on this action, you could ask his opinion by contacting him on varminting uk as gun pimp or 6mmbr as Vince b also he edits target shooter magazine.
    As stated before also pretty sure Dave Wylde(Valkyrie) will only build with his own action not supply,can understand as if someone built a rifle badly with his action could by association have bad press through no fault of his.

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    A long time has past since you posted this, but I have a GBR in 6.5x47 and it is smooth,tight and the brass does not expand past 47mm in length and every one who has used it likes the feel.It is also 100% british made

    If you havent got sorted yet hope this helps

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    Don't dcr make all the British custom actions regardless of brand?

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    I have a good friend with a GBR action on his 6.5x47L. Can't fault it. Seems excellent to me & more importantly, to my friend. ATB
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