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Thread: Is there any 20X47 Lapua users out there!!

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    Is there any 20X47 Lapua users out there!!

    Hello guys

    Thinking of joiniing the 20 calibre bandwagon! and so i spoke to my gunsmith and he suggests two things, he can convert my T3 223 into a switch barrel so it can be used either as a 223 with original barrel or a new barrelled 20 practical (aware of legalities) due to the amount of 223 brass I have.

    He had one more suggestion that as got my attention!!!and that was using a donor action and a 20x47 Lapua calibre barrel! I said okay I will do some googling to find out a bit more about this calibre! but can't really find much about it on the Internet apart from a book by Todd Kindler in the US, is there anybody on the forum that has first-hand experience with the 20X47 Lapua or any information that can help me on my merry way to fox control,

    Kindest regards and merry christmas SD
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    20x47 Lapua, or 20 Satan as it is known by Bruce Potts is a ferocious little cartridge, It is massively overbore for a .20

    Unless you are interested in launching High BC bullets out of fast twist barrels then 20x47 is a bit of a waste. Saying that perhaps you are just in the market for an expensive toy requiring lots of brass prep, in which case fill your boots!

    I would suggest 20BR as a practical maximum in the .20's if you can find a suitable donor action to feed it from. Otherwise the .20 Practical or .20 Tactical will both be excellent choices for what you want to do, witht he .20 Tactical being a particular favourite of mine.

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    Tikka m595 action with 22/250 mag will feed 20 br case perfect.
    If it was me I would go 20 practical. You have lots of brass and look up the reviews on the br forum.
    Superb accuracy and easy loading

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    As my user name suggests, I have been down the massively overbore 20 calibre road.
    I now have a 20 Tac. Need I say more?

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    I like the 20 Tac, 20 Prac would probably be easier for you though, or a 17-223.........

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    No one has mentioned the .20 Vartarg yet so i will, IMO and that of a couple of my buddies its is the most balanced of all the .20 cal cartridges, it would be my choice.


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    I would have but he has lots of 223 brass to use.

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