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Thread: .22 cf on deer

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    .22 cf on deer

    Is there any reason that the .22 centrefires are legal for roe in scotland but not in England?

    And was there any reason stated why roe were left off the .22 list when munties and chinese were put on there?

    Just curious really.

    Maybe we could have .22 centre fires for everything with the condition that we always head shoot! (just joking)


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    Yes, its because Roe just South of the Border are a different sub species. They have a significantly enhanced muscular and skeletal structure that makes them impervious to bullets below 6mm (think of Wolverine in the x men). The amendments to the relevant legislation were based on hard scientific fact about the lethal effects of various calibres and bullet styles at various velocities and ranges. In fact the ballistic experiments were some of the most exhaustive and demanding ever carried out. Emotive, knee jerk reactions had absolutely nothing to do with it.



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    I think that when the DEFRA consultaion paper was published before the Deer regulatory reform act was passed-it did look like they were going to have Roe included (looked that way to me when I went through the paper anyway).

    Then when the act was passed I think that the BDS, RSPCA & a few other bodies that had opposed it won the day & they just included munties & CWD.

    Like it or not we just have to live with it I guess & its not going to change now thats for sure.

    Regs Lee

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    Didnt think it would change.

    I thought it was actually more to do with the fact that you are usually at higher altitude in scotland and therefore the air is thinner and the bullets go faster.

    But then i suppose that the weather is generally colder, making the air more dense so the high altitude is cancelled out?

    Its bugged me for a while now, so its just a case of bending to pressures from veggies. I can live with that.

    Guess that everyone should just use a 6.5x55 and have done! (joking again)

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    im all for shooting roe with .222 upwards with a minimum of 50gr in england i know that a lot of people would be against this and a lot of those think that a lot of fox boys with very little experience would be shooting at deer and wounding them but as we all know stalking has a way of sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to those who are just not up to the job or who just dont have any respect for the deer

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    .22CF are perfect for Roe!!

    The trophy Roe we get on the east coast of Scotland are every bit as big as any in England, and all shot on low coastal ground. Many people think Scotland is just mountains and forrest! We've got some of the most fertile farmland in the UK.

    I've had 3 bucks in the chiller over the last 2 years that had larder weights of 50, 51 & 53lbs.


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    .22cf on deer

    Ive shot plenty of roe with my .222 in the borders,and they are no different in size to those in england, you just have to know the .222s limitations.

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    At one time 220 Swift was used by some in Scotland from the 1930s until the 1960s. I believe that David Lloyd and earlier W D M Bell of elephant fame were advocates of it in the (false) belief that if the velocity is high enough all else (bullet weight and construction) is irrelevant.

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    This old chestnut! Are there many manufacturers of premium .22 c/f ammunition? By which I mean, not designed for rapid expansion?
    Even the pointed soft point stuff I have used has mashed up rabbits in a big way,so has put me off using it on Roe.

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    I've used .222, .223 & a lot of .22-250 on Roe.

    Sako Gamehead is by far the best factory ammo I have seen in 22cf, they wipe the floor with anything Federal has to offer!!!


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