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    service depts

    I had a scope (Bushnell Elite 3200 mildot) develope a catastrophic failure while up north on Griff's long range weekend, On returning home I contacted JJ Vickers, the agents in Chatham, Told them that I was not the original purchaser & therefore did not have the guarantee, Ms Erika German in repairs said to get it to them & they would see what could be done, 20.00 inspection fee deductable from any go ahead repair, I'd missed the recent shipment back to Germany, so she arrranged for a local repair as it was just a clean, regas & refit turret, I was phoned today to be informed of the scopes return via DHL thursday 18th June, at a cost all in of 51.00, So I await it's arrival & will post on the quality of repairs, up to now I can't fault the service I have received.

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    service depts

    Scope arrived back as promised via courier, In pristine condition, turrets are silky smooth in operation, a monumental result cosidering the recent rough handling by a welder! A 100% result I reckon, no problem on recommending these peeps for the future

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    It's a shame I can't say the same about Swarovski, I damaged my binos before coming over here, I emailed them when it happened, and I have emailed them twice since coming over here, they have not replied to any of my emails, not best impressed with their customer service. Annoying since various people on here have had great things to say about them.


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    Must say I had excellent service from Swarovski , sent my binos back a couple of years ago for a blown seal and they came back as good as new with a long list of replacement parts. The binos were 10 years old! 800 quid well spent

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    Must say that my experience of service from Swarovski in the U.K. has also been without fault. If only all companies could provide the same sort of service.

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