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Thread: Clulite Masterlite Supreme Lamping Hunting 300 METRE Gun Light?

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    Clulite Masterlite Supreme Lamping Hunting 300 METRE Gun Light?

    Looking for a torch to mount on a scope for shooting out to 200m. Has anyone used the Clulite Masterlite Supreme Lamping Hunting 300 METRE Gun Light? or can suggest anything better. The Masterlite seems to be about 125 including 3 filters.

    Thanks David

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    I had one for a while, worked ok and I was fairly happy with it, until going out with a mate.
    He had a cheap UltraFire, cost with 2 batteries a double charger, gun mount and pressure switch, about 55
    More powerful, longer tighter beam and better battery life, luckily I managed to return the Masterlight as the
    tail switch started to malfunction.
    For the 100 + price I would now buy the NightMaster NM800, I may well upgrade in the new year.


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    Nightmaster 800 is def the way forward - will make the Clulite look rather average. No filters - you buy a coloured LED and swap the module - much more light. I outshoen a LF170 with a red filter comfortably with one of these with a red LED in.
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    I d look on ebay or deal extreme their torches are less than half that price and brighter

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