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Thread: Open To Offers On 2 Cull Stags .. Very short Notice!

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    Open To Offers On 2 Cull Stags .. Very short Notice!

    I had an SD member come and cull two stags on Saturday and I've butchered them today. But due to the rush on venison my client still does not have enough.
    So I know it's late notice but he wishes to remove two more stags on Wednesday or Thursday this week in Leicestershire
    If there is any one interested the I am offering both animals.

    I normaly do these stags from 280 to 340 depending on how good the rack is and the day as well. But I have to shot both animals by Thursday which does not give anyone much time to take the day.

    Make me an offer.
    Anything sensible be concidered and will be done on first come basic as I wish to fill it as soon as possible

    I will do a Beginners Day, DSC2 Training Day, Field To Fridge or even if you wish to brush up your skills.

    Can't guarantee how good heads are but they are some reasonable ones amomong the group (Ill try to take one good head but please understand I have to take two large meat animals).
    Please look at past posts or pm me for further information.

    I know it's short notice but it's Christmas! 07930988744
    Attachment 22326Attachment 22327Attachment 22328

    Please read past adverts.
    I can not take you stalking the cull animals are part of a days training and are in a park environment.
    you will first go onto my 200 ydr range
    Before any culling is done.
    Two animals will be culled
    we will check all glands and feild dress them
    after lader prep you skin and break up the animals.
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    Thankyou to all that have enquired.
    The Two Stags Are Now Sold.


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