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Thread: Climbing El Capitan

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    Climbing El Capitan

    Just been watching the news at ten on ITV, it had a 2 min seggment about a Major who had lost the use of his legs in action. He was climbing El capitan in Yosemity national Park in california. The bloke was pulling himself up by his arms!!!! If you have not seen El capitan it's around 3000ft sheer granite rock face. I have had the oppatunity to stand at the bottom of this rock face and it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched a couple of climbers doing the very same thing, it takes an abled bodied person 3 to 4 DAYS to climb it. They looked like ants on a snooker table to get it into some perspective, I have some photo's i will try and get them sorted.
    They did not say which charity he was doing it for, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out which one

    So guys lets do what we can for H4H.


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    That must be Phil Packer.

    He's aiming to raise 1 million for H4H by completing three challenges - rowing the English Channel, running the London Marathon and climbing El Capitan. So far he's raised over 1.1 million!!

    You can keep up to date with his progress at:

    He's currently two pitches/300 feet from the top.

    A truly remarkable, inspirational, and humbling man.


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    I've just donated, lost for words of admiration.

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    The man is outstanding in his efforts, he has only just finished the London marathon, took him two weeks. He is an inspiration to us all.


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