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Thread: Free spares

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    Free spares


    Click image for larger version. 

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    The photo shows a selection of guns that are going to be destroyed.
    Is anyone looking for a spring or a hammer, or even an old stock to put on something else.
    If there is anything of interest let me know and you can have it.

    All the best Trev.

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    What a crime! I have no idea what I am looking at, however they look great! Lovely old guns...

    Why are they being destroyed?

    Is the bottom one a Martini Henry?

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    Could do with a couple firing pins. My uncles mate pulled the triggers on one of his guns and broke them. Not sure what they are like but ould probably get a pic. If this is something you could help with would be great. Gun smith says not worth the cost but it's a decent old gun just for want of pins.
    Thanks. I'll try find out what they are like.

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    Evening Tom,
    They are being destroyed because they are not safe, It would cost more than they are worth to repair them or even de-activate them.
    The bottom gun is a greener shotgun.


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    Evening Woodmaster,
    Just let me know what type of action the gun is, If i have something similar i will chop the action so it can not be used then post it to you. Then you can strip it at your lessure.


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    Thanks Trev. I'll give uncle a call see what it is.

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    why cant you just destroy the barrels then?

    leaving a myriad of original spares

    what is the rolling block at the bottom? Looks nice

    if they are going could I have the two stocks 2nd and 3rd from the top? opposite each other
    if only to save a nice looking peice of walnut
    happy to pay shipping, handling, tea and biscuit tax

    PM me if that is OK

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    Trev,I would like a couple of nice...ish shotgun butts to make a matching pair of side table lamps when I get the time if there are any spare mate.let me know what you want for them.


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    quite a bit of money in spare parts there


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    2nd from the top, is that an 1874 Sharps rifle?

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