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Thread: Scope covers

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    Scope covers

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some DECENT scope covers as my Butler Creek obj one has broke AGAIN it seems like the slightest knock snaps the plastic hinge part.

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    Yup mine too when I opened it on Sunday morning....utter crap

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    They are crap, gone back ro the ones supplied with scope with the elastic attached

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    Yip they are ********. Ive just bought a leupold Almuina flip up eye piece cover for my leupold. Ive a clear butler creek on the lens and I feel its some what better than the rear flip type.


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    I make traditional leather ones

    Not cheap - but they do the job required of protecting the scope lenses

    Don't know if the leather versions are the sort you have in mind or not

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    Flip up covers are a great way to waste money. I take the bikinin covers in my pocket. They go on if it rains and that's it.

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    Finch, get a couple of zip ties and use them to fix the bikini covers to the scope body. with a bit of playing around you can get them to hang on the opposite side to the rifle bolt, I tried the putting them in the pocket routine, but have a habit of loosing them.
    + one on the butler creeks, not cheap and not good a p**s poor combination.
    nutty, where did you get the aluminium ones from.
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    A section of car or truck inner tube, cut in to a band about an inch wider than the objective size, and simply stretch to fit the scope.
    Easy, cheap and works, so cheap losing one is not a problem, also provides some protection for the scope finish.


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    hey Neil thats a cracking idea , i wanted to cover my turrets ,that will do nicely,thanks wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinbad View Post
    nutty, where did you get the aluminium ones from.

    I got it from uttings they have most in stock, but beware if you want 1 they are threadedand the scope needs to be threaded to accept it. Mines isnt so Im 38 down, Ill call them and see what we can do.


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