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Thread: Excellent stalking thanks to JELEN DEER SERVICES!

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    Excellent stalking thanks to JELEN DEER SERVICES!

    I recently booked a few stalking outings with Jelen in Hampshire, along with a couple of friends, to gain more stalking experience as I had shot Roe and Red but wanted a chance to get stuck into the other deer species. I explained that I was happy to shoot appropriate cull animals of any species and was reassured to find that these were included in my rather tight budget!

    During the first stalk I was a bit knackered from the drive up from Cornwall and didn't get the chance of a shot although we did see two Roe does.

    Second outing I spotted the first wild Muntjac I had ever seen (I actually thought it was a big fat cat at first!) but he escaped into the woods before I could shoot him....then I shot my first ever Fallow buck cleanly from 150yds and saw another muntie and five more Fallow.

    Third outing : saw five Roe and shot a second Fallow buck on a stubble field.

    Fourth outing : Shot a fox and 5mins later shot my first Muntjac buck. saw even more Fallow.

    Final outing: Shot my third Fallow buck in the woods. Saw plenty more.

    5 Animals from 5 outings all at a very affordable price...Including two different species I hadn't shot before....I am absolutely delighted and can't wait to get up there again. Mike and co were really helpful with bags of experience and I learned a heck of a lot over the three days. I would recommend JELEN DEER SERVICES to anybody- but especially anyone who feels they have plenty to learn about deer and stalking. These guys have access to some awesome stalking ground with loads of deer so make sure you take plenty of ammo!!

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    Good you enjoyed it Buckaroo it echoes my experiences with them very nice guys to stalk with and learn from.

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