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Thread: long haired fallow

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    long haired fallow

    hi all
    this is just a general question as to if anyone can give info on the long haired fallow ?
    i hav found very little in the way of info and pictures on the net,maybe 1 or 2 of you hav had some experiances with them.
    hope fully will take a few pics of them in the new year if i can actually tell them apart from the others
    many thanks in advance

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    I love long haired fallow but the trouble I have is deciding which end to shoot!

    Sorry Stone, I just could not help myself.

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    I went stalking them near Much Wenlock with a stalker from Minsterley Ranges and saw sod all but a snow blizzard! No wonder they have long hair!

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    They are native to the general Mortimer Forest area to the west of Ludlow and 25 -30% of the fallow population in that area are long haired. Apparently the FC culls are biased towards taking normal fallow to enhance the status of the long haired variety.

    I am surprised that the Wenlock Edge fallow include some long haired animals as it's a fair way from Mortimer and those fallow are supposed to have originated from Lognner Hall and Attingham.

    There's quite a good reference to them in Peter Carne's book on the Deer of Britain and the Heart of the Country programme on the Horse and Country Channel (Sky 280) recently featured them.

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    ok ok very funny
    on a more serious note i have on several occasions not pulled the trigger as i was not sure . i do not thnk it is illegal to shoot one but knowing this maybe their only strong hold this time shooting with the camera maybe a more suitable option
    heres a top tip andy { just whistle and look to see which end the ears pop up from

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    i hear what you are saying paul but would be surprised to find the percentage so high, well in the area i am in they are not that noticable but the FC hav approached us and told us we were not to shoot them as they were protected or are they just sscaremongering

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    Thanks Stone, I will remember that tip. Previously I have been sitting waiting for hours for one to have a cr*p!

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    Long Haired Fallow

    Hi Stone
    I stalked a few times in Mortimer forest and have a few places around the western edge but I have never seen a Long haired fallow. I've seen a few photo's taken by friends and there was quite a noticeable difference in the coat length in these. I don't know about them being protected but from what I've heard at some of the DMG meetings I attend I think they have had major poaching problems around Ludlow over the last few years and are concerned about them getting wiped out.


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    I don't think that they are legally protected as such. What is clearly happening is that the FC are trying to take pressure off them by encouraging stalkers to leave them in the population.

    According to Whitehead the long haired characteristic is based on a dominant gene and it was discovered by Gerald Springthorpe in 1953. The sub-species is named after him.

    Some reports indicate that they had spread into Herefordshire and most authorities reckon that up to 30% of the Mortimer population are long haired but as Wayne says, poaching may have altered that more recently.

    Here's a photo lifted from the FC archive

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    Only recently heard that Gerald Springthorpe died a few months (?) ago - sad loss

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