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Thread: Almost 300 views and only 7 replies.....what does this mean?

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    Almost 300 views and only 7 replies.....what does this mean?

    I put a picture of a liver with abscesses on and almost 300 people have viewed it,but only 6 people have made a comment.
    Now this must mean that all of those people were either not interested(hard to believe considering what we do) or knew all there was to know about said liver......also hard to believe,so is it a fact that some people are just blindly gralloching Deer without a clue as to what they are looking for,and also frightened to ask or get into a conversation about it worried that other more 'Experienced' (yes I put it in inverted comma's on purpose)well no-one knows everything,and people that are new to the sport need to get involved in these topics of conversation rather than just look in from the outside.
    I was a slaughterman for a lot of years and also worked for the MHS so have seen a hell of a lot of maladies in all species abbatoirs,but,I would never profess to knowing everything,and that is why we all need to be a bit more forward with bringing these anomalies to the forum as we have a hell of a lot of experienced stalkers and vets on here and we can all learn a lot if we are a bit more open.


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    Site unseen, this year given how wet its been I expect to see far more fluke issues.

    This doesn't look dis-similar Fluke risk higher this winter – VLA | News | Farmers Guardian

    I suspect some of the old hands are out meeting cull targets leaving we recreational Stalkers and wannabes snugly preparing for Christmas.

    However, I for one, hadn't seen the thread.
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    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

    We were so busy congratulating ourself of dodging Orwells vision we marched right into Huxley's.

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    Not everyone reading the thread will be registered users.

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    I hadn't seen the thread, but have just had a look. I am still very much a novice and subsequently have very limited knowledge. Had I seen the thread I would have probably not have contributed, on the basis that I don't know what the abnormalities are, and would be happy to learn by reading the opinions of those with more experience. I work on the basis that If I have nothing to say then its better not to say it.

    However had I found said liver, I would not have been happy to let the deer enter the food chain, would have taken a photo and sent it to a friend for his opinion. This is something I did in the summer when I found a road kill roebuck, (I carried out the gralloch for the practice) I found abnormalities on the lower intestines and as I wasn't convinced all was well, I sent the photo to a friend for his opinion.

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    Sorry Rem. I looked at it and didn't know and in my opinion, what's the point on saying "I don' know".

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    I looked, noted the comments and moved on. As I saw one post said, and i paraphrase " great info for new stalkers". Personally when Apache speaks I listen - after all he's the vet isn't he. I learn't something - keep posting and i'll learn more, but i might not feel obliged to reply


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    haven't seen it yet but people would know it's not right although might not contribute a possible cause because it's not something they want to guess at.

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    I looked at it and have never seen anything like it. I thought the advice to send a picture/sample to the expert was very sensible and was awaiting the outcome. Prehaps site admin could place the picture in a resource section which we could all have access to (Sorry admin if this causes more work) with the answer. if I had shot it then i would have placed some sample in a formalin pot and taken them to work or got it sent off to a vetinary lab.


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    Your being a bit unfair with your comments here Martin. Apache is a qualified vet and when he comes on a thread such as this early and states that "these are definately abscesses" and suggests you look elsewhere for other signs of possible infection it more or less kills the thread unless you come back with further info. To me this is a very good post in that 300 viewers have seen a photograph of liver with confirmed abscesses, a vet then gives instruction on what is required and confirms that the carcass can be used unless there is something else which would suggest otherwise.

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    Maybe the felt that your original questions had been answered and didn't warrant a reply or further contribution????? Surely its enough that people have viewed the thread and hopefully learn something. What do you want congratulations, a pat on the back, 'well done on that great and interesting thread'??????

    Don't really understand what the problem is pages and pages of miss-information and best guesses could be more harmful in the long run
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