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Thread: Warning about Styer Rifles

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    Warning about Styer Rifles

    If any of you have been following my debacle on the Rifles Equipment post you will know I gave up on the Merkel and settled for a Styer Luxus.
    A very nice rifle 'as is' but who buys a rifle and doesn't immediately start to change things on it
    Well this is a warning that I wish I had before I bought it.
    I want to get it threaded for a sound moderator so the first thing is to get the front site off.
    I rang round several gunshops and was told it would take at least two to three weeks and some didn't want the job anyway, far too busy or didn't touch Styer
    I eventually found a gunsmith who was willing to do the job and 50 later the job was done.
    Now here is the warning. When I looked at the barrel end it had two bright splodges, that is all I can describe them as, where he had used a hacksaw and a file, on the end where the sight had been.
    I asked what happened and he said the sight was held on with two screw studs that were welded into the barrel and the weld is harder than the barrel steel, hard as diamonds, his words.
    Which means when I take it for threading the chap may either ruin his cutter or end up with a mess on the end of the barrel if it splinters.
    I am now considering, subject to the threaders advice, getting the barrel cut below the splodges and then getting it threaded.
    I have since been told the Styer barrels are 'choked' to give it's accuracy, like Blaser, I am told, so by chopping I may not have as accurate a rifle as it could be.
    All of this was told to me by the gunsmith. I can see the weld splodges so know that is correct but have not spoken to my threader yet.
    Can any other practical gunsmith cast any light on the comments made and, hopefully, tell me that is a load of B****s and it will thread like any other rifle barrel

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    Would it be much more expensive if you decided to use Manlicher's custom shop and say them what you wanted instead? I am sure you can order a classic rifle customised, not sure about new luxus model though.


    PS. Still waiting to see some pictures

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    The Custom shop is represented by the 'Sportsman' but from the paperwork all the custom bits equate to standards of wood.
    The barrels come in different calibres but all have sights on them.
    I suppose I could have ordered a barrel without sights had I known of the problem, but it would have had to come from the factory and how long would that take, and how much, with the pound in freefall against the Euro
    Next time I catch the photographer taking photos of the wife I'll get him to take some of my rifle and stick them on here

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    I have a classic half stock in .308, had it cut back so my T8 sits an inch off the stock, no problem regards accuracy...


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    I have a classic half stock in .308, had it cut back so my T8 sits an inch off the stock, no problem regards accuracy...


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    Thanks Nell, that is exactly what I wanted to know. I am not a target shooter but I need something that will be humane enough to do a neck shot or a fox so that has put my mind at rest a lot
    I hope nobody comes on now and contradicts you

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    Eddie, I had my classic delux half stock chopped back to 21" from 24" and a PES scout added.

    Accuracy is actually better than previously.

    Steve Kershaw did the needful.

    Check it out:

    The muzzle end, with thread cap:

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    Thanks for the replies, I am a lot happier now.
    I spoke to Callum Ferguson yesterday and he put my mind at rest so it will be chopped like all my other rifles.
    When the job is done I'll put a picture or two on site for your appreciation or otherwise

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    Claret Dabbler - did the chopping down to 21 inchs and then the weight of the PES Scout affect the overall balance much - ie is it now nicely balanced or still very muzzle heavy.

    What is the overall length.

    Of all the mods out there I think the PES Scout is the nicest looking for a classic type rifle.

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