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Thread: Keeper, Chancer or Poachers?

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    Keeper, Chancer or Poachers?

    Went out stalking yesterday and managed to bag a muntjac doe for my trouble. When I started skinning her I found a small, mis-shapen lump of lead against the ankle joint of her rear left leg. At first I was amased at how far this "bullet fragment" had managed to get from the wound site, but on closer examination it turned out to be a lead shot. As more of the skin kame off I began to find more and more pellets. In all I removed 10 from just under the skin along her left side. They were large pellets of about No3 or maybe BB in size, which leads me to believe whoever shot her was out after foxes. Apart from the perforations she seemed to be in perfect health.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    found the same in a Roe when skinning one....

    otherwise good health

    graceful creatures but by god they can be unbelievably resilient and tough


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    well done columbo

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    Sounds like the shot was spread out across its body? In which case sounds like a shot from a greater distance than would be lethal? Friends in Denmark shoot driven Roe with no.3 shot but only take shots at max 15 yards, by all accounts it is very effective, but only because the range is limited to 15 yards.
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Shot a doe a few years ago in may out of season just looking not to good, thought it had been hit by a car, when I got up to her she was pussy all around wounds on her rump, when we skinned her we found 3 .22 bullets about 4 inches into her rump and was going septic she must of been in agony for weeks so nothing surprises me what some will do to deer when poaching

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    maybe somebody protecting their prize garden
    a barony original

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    I wouldn't assume it was anyone out after foxes, I would lay money they knew what they were shooting at and poorly by the sounds of it.

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    By the number of shot found I would say it was a deliberate shot. Just too far away to do serious harm. There are some real ar*e holes out there who just don't care about the welfare of the quarry they seek

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    We had a good few in a similar state just South of you after the 'vermin shoot' had been through the wood after foxes!
    Had a red hind with a very old rimfire round in the back recently too! Also a munty last year which looked to have a .17 HMR round through the lower haunch. I say that as the hole was quite expanded and I found shards of very thin copper in the wound. Great shot - NOT!

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    I once shot a fallow buck with lead shot embedded in its antlers and under the skin its antlers were very deformed on one side but other than that it was in good health luckily it had not been blinded

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