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    Following from my observation in a previous thread I wonder how effective calling is for you guys. I am talking about this time of year until say March. On my ground I am generally afraid to call as usually the fox runs off. When I say my ground i am talking about pieces 30 miles apart not one block I am also talking about hand calling, mouth calls and electronic.

    I would say less than 10% of my foxes will call and upto 50% are positively call shy, ie they clear off rather than come to the call

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    This is pretty interesting, I have a bit of ground where I have managed to call 2 out of 17 this year, its always hard work usually lamp shy as well. We know they have dogs run on them by pikeys which explains some of it but not all. On a mates everything calls and very rare not to, these are mostly urban but still there is a huge difference.

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    I've been struggling with calling as well, found baiting stations to work better, I mean something simple like a .22LR shot bunny off the fence wire every 100yds down along a suspected area. , guts out, and walk back 50yds from the first one, then sit and wait knowing you have one at 50, 150, 250 350 (ish), so you know the approx. drop too. if it doesn't work, a quick blast with the call with the fox squeek might...but this method has worked on a couple of bits of land I shoot fox on, and is pretty exciting too, you can even sit in a cozy car with the engine running (read HEATER ON), lights off and rifle out the window on the mirror

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    Now bait is a whole other story!! I have tried bait stations and never had any joy. Just last week I staked a few rabbits out and set the trail cam nearby. I had one picture of a fox approaching, 1 of it staring at the camera (IR flash) and its never been back!!

    I made a barrel bait station last year and I think the goose and pheasant skulls are still hanging out of the bottom of it!!

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    Im finding it harder this year than any other to call in foxes, even those being viewed by nightvision.
    All to common is a fox which bolts at the first squeak and I can only put it down to more and more would be fox controllers screwing things up.
    One farm I controlled for years neighbouring the estate was sold last year, and the new owner has his own 'man'. I used to shoot upto 25 a year off this land, it was really productive as it has a nature reserve on one side of it.But from harvest time this year every fox I tried to call from the boundary with this farm ran like the devil itself was chasing it, and that includes what should have been easy cubs, it isnt hard to put 2 and 2 together to work out how good the current fox controller is.
    Lamping foxes has become a sport in itself and with its popularity comes the chancers who are educating them and making harder and harder to get the job done.
    I would imaging Roy that our grounds arent a million miles apart so I guess your suffering as much as me.


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    We were out lamping last night, and usually just drive and scan with the lamp, covering up to 24 miles around different permissions. But last night I decided to call in 3 or 4 places and managed to call one in, another to look at us (we didn't know was there) @240yds. Just shows how many we don't see unless they glance at the light.
    Ended up with these two and another, all big dog foxes in great condition. Theyre all different, some will stand, some will come, some will run, and some don't seem to be interested in calls at all.

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    Of the fourteen foxes I've shot this month, nine came to my caller. Some came to rat/rabbit distress calls, the others to vixen calls.

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    Paddy, do you find the vixen call work well this time of year?? You using a Foxpro? I only use mine when sitting out, and usually hand call, just seems more kit to lug round!


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    They have been very hard to call this year apart from the cubs at harvest we picked up a new permission this year for rabbit and fox about 2000 acres and the guy that has been trying to do the rabbits with a 12 bore in his headlights has all so been shooting at the foxes hence making them near impossible to get near with a rifle and night vision and it just makes it very frustrating

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevhumps View Post
    Paddy, do you find the vixen call work well this time of year?? You using a Foxpro? I only use mine when sitting out, and usually hand call, just seems more kit to lug round!

    The vixen calls can work well at any time of year - you've just got to catch the mood right, which is far from an exact science! I do use a Foxpro - mine's a Scorpion, which fits in a pocket easily enough. I only hand call if I can see the fox in question. I find it's nearly always doomed to failure if you can't see your quarry, as any fox worth its salt will simply go around on the wind and come up behind you.

    I've not found it difficult to call this year - apart from in late spring when I couldn't even call a taxi due (due to the cubs taking the foxes' attention), and late summer when there was so much food about that they simply weren't interested. I took my 167th fox of the year last night to a caller.
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