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Thread: help needed for rifle valuation

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    help needed for rifle valuation

    The rifle in question is my Tikka M590 L/H in 22-250.
    The barrel is in good condition screw cut 1/2in Unf.
    The stock has a few cosmetic dinks.
    Also has burris bases and warne rings.
    What would be a fair price to ask?

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    Lol is that an offer? no seriously thanks for replying i would be open to any offers.

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    If you are trading it in with a dealer, expect to be offered no more than 250

    Private sale, I would anticipate 450 - 600 dependant on condition, however, its very much a buyers market at present.

    Left handed action - very much a niche.

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    What's someone is prepared to pay...

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    there was someone on the uk varminting forum not long back. looking for a lefthanded tikka action with 308 bolt face. worth a look

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