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Thread: Deer are they happy with sheep

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    Deer are they happy with sheep

    Does anyone ever see deer with sheep, I cannot say that i have ever seen them in the same field, I have seen them with cows and horse's, If not why. woodfordfallow

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    I've seen reds, sika and fallow in fields with sheep, have even seen 2 roe in a field with sheep, but normally if I am stalking and see sheep, I think I won't see Roe.

    Normally its Roe that don't tend to like sheep.

    Its the same with cattle especially bullocks, they dont like the ground after sheep have been on it, they say they 'sour' the ground.

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    In Angus I have stalked Roe on the hill and there were sheep everywhere, so they had no choice but to mix .
    Down the south of England, where I stalk most, I find they will do their utmost to keep clear,
    both Fallow and Roe seem to leave the fields alone for 2-3 weeks after the sheep have been moved.
    As to why ? personally I feel it must be something to do with the smell of their urine as sheep are urinating all the time all over the field.
    But I am sure others will have their own theory.

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    Allmost never see roe with sheep, also seems to take at least a week after sheep have been in the field to see roe again (but not tracked it so couldn't be sure).... No experience of the other species and sheep

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    Better off having your ground clear of the woollies, they foul the ground.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Better off having your ground clear of the woollies, they foul the ground.

    +1 I often say when asked this question, would you eat that grass after theyve soiled it........

    Should add that Im talking about Roe

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    Sheep and fallow seem to mix readily here.

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    Cumbrian Lake District sheep and mountain Reds down for the sweeter grass.

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    As a general rule on any areas I stalk I would say the two don't mix an old stalker told me years ago that deer don't like the way sheep move and their smell ?
    The only exemption to this is cwd as I have one farm where both don't seem the slightest bit bothered of each other and very often there will be several chinks mixed with a flock of 30 sheep
    i also used to have a fallow pricket that used to spend days with the sheep often out all day with them
    regards andy

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    Everytime I stalk in Norfolk I always see sheep and roe together and I have shot Muntjac, Fallow, Red & Sika feeding in the same as sheep many times

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