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Thread: Roe Fawns

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    Roe Fawns

    I saw my first Roe Fawn of the season today out with its mother on a fodder beat field, it must have been a week old I guess.

    It was still wearing a bambi type coat but had a ginger summer roe-coat ass!

    Do the colour up from back to front, as I have never seen this before.

    I am sure plenty of you Roe Stalkers have seen loads already & I was aware that we had them about, however all of our does seem to be laying up in very long grass & this is the first time I have seen one out with its mum in the open this season.

    Regs Lee

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    I`ve also seen a couple of does in the wheat field and the long grass but as yet no young ones. And still only one solitary buck to my name this season.

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    I've seen Roe Kids as early as the middle of May this year but back in 1998 I saw a Doe give birth to twins on 28th April.

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    Don't worry buddy-you can come & fill your boots in August!

    Regs Lee

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    Whilst at work today I saw a roe doe looking abit aprehensive by a roadside ,10 metres into the wheat field . I thought it was an rta victim , went for a look , she was ok just stood her ground , I said to my work mate she hasnt legged it so somethings up, went for a look and found a kid just laid up so backed off . My work mate has never seen a Deer in its natural environment , and he was over the moon to also see a young kid .
    That experience chuffed us up for the day. Went back a couple of hours later to see if they where still about , kid had been gathered up and was
    hopefully in the ajoining wood.
    Cheers Trapper

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    Sadly not everyone is so well disposed towards fawns

    Sometimes I think we cull the wrong animals.

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    Heared it on the news tonight, made me feel sick.
    I could be locked up for what I would like to do to the culprits, but it would be worth it.
    If they do get caught they will probably be put on a DSC 1 course to make them learn about Deer !! Ba****ds

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    It was on the local news again today

    I often take my children to Upton Country Park.. It really is a stunningly beautiful place and about two miles from home..

    Im with EMcC on this... They need educating alright preferably where no one can here them screaming..

    As was said on the news , history has taught us that the most henious of people started out their beginnings with severe animal cruelty.

    If any names come out in the local echo or other details i will post them up

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    It would be great to name and shame, but some Beak would say it would be detrimental to their Human rights or some such crap!!!. Naming them would hurt them, or degrade their character ,we should give em a hug they are misunderstood.!! or some other crap!! I don't advocate Violence , but Reciprocation would suit in this case !! I am of course being a bit PC here ,to please the PC minded , read my thoughts I think you know how I feel, as 99.9% would feel. for the .dot % get in the Que for the handout.

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    what is wrong with these sick people

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