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    help wanted

    Please can anyone suggest any recommended loads for a .204 centre fire with a 32g Vmax bullet

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    As always, it depends what your particular barrel prefers, however have a look at this site but please please be aware that these recipes complimented THEIR rifles so caution is advised.

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    Also be aware that the barrel length and velocities need to be taken into consideration as well.

    DO NOT think that you will be able to use said ?? gr's of powder in a shorter barrel and get the same velocity/results,

    you have to be very careful using someone else's findings, some of which i think are from coo coo land on the us sites.

    tread carefully and be safe.

    things to look at are,

    barrel length

    twist rate

    powder being used

    bullet weight



    and thats just for starters.

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