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Thread: hello people.

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    hello people.

    hi everyone im alex, im 25 im a gamekeeper north costworlds. got couple rifles .22 bruno and .243 remmington 700 also love my shotguns.

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    Hi Big Al
    welcome from another newbie

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    Hi Al

    Welcome to the site. Nice countryside around there isn't it. Your not on Northwick Estate by any chance are you?


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi alex, glad you found the site, i am sure you will find it interesting, see you shortly,

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    hi jim, yes i am on northwick estate. how did you know that ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Al. View Post
    hi jim, yes i am on northwick estate. how did you know that ?

    Hi Alex

    It was a bit of a guess but I imagine that Nothwick is one of the largest shoots near Chipping Campden. I deal with Edward sorting out the supply of sludge cake from Seven Trent Water (and taking STW mangaer for lunch at Lapstone whenever possible). Part of the process is walking the fields to be spread so I allways save the Northwick ones for myself.
    Edawrd told me Spring Hill was over run with roe when they took it over. Was it you that got on top of them?


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