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    I have a variation in with Sussex at the moment for another calibre, and an increase in ammunition. Have just this minute taken a call from the Feo and he wants to see me Monday morning for a chat.
    Is it normal to visit for a variation , I have sent details of land ,stalking booked etc ,what else could he want I,m a little nervous to say the least .

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    i to had visit from the feo;when i applied for my variation for my 7mm-08.there is no need to worry;as he will only ask you a few questions as he did with me. good luck. dave

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    Hi, Brough...

    Who is your FEO???

    When I got my .17 Alan Woolven came and saw me just to fill in some papers im not sure if it was because i had filled them in wrong or it was just proceedure but all i can say is that i do remembering it taking place...

    So with that in mind im sure there's nothing to worry about im sure if it was a major issue then he would have mentioned something...

    Good luck and fingers crossed...

    All the Best...


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    Just remember, they like to get out of the office as well
    I'm sure it will be nothing to worry about, he may even just want a chat as some of them find shooting interesting and the only way they build their knowledge is by chatting to people like you and I

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    nielaj my feo is Ian Baker ,always been very fair,but they still have a way of making me feel rather nervous ,still I have time to compose myself ,will let you know how I get on . Brough

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    I'm in sussex and have just spoken to to the office for a variation, they have sent it in the post for me to fill in, I'm applying for an extra 308, sound moderator and extra ammo. I spoke directly to the person who will be dealing with my request and was told it will all be okayed and put in the post by return.
    After reading your post I hope that is what will happen.
    I will let you know.

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    Just done a 1for1 and a variation, all l got was a 2 min call from my FEO and that was to clarify the capacity of my cabinet, job done got my ticket back within a couple of days, different forces deal with things in different ways l am sure there is nothing to worry about.

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    my feo did my variation for an additional 30-06 and my .32 section 5 all over the phone , but there was a little hassle over the section 5 bit but after some additional information , regarding use etc there was no problem !

    atb lee

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