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Thread: Agent to recieve my African trophies

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    Agent to recieve my African trophies

    Hi, I have 6 shoulder mounts coming back from Africe, the taxidermist has requested details of my "clearing agent" this end to recieve them, and deliver them to me, I've heard of daily charges etc upon reciept and delayment of delivery adding to the cost, anyone know of a company that will recieve them and charge a reasonable cost to deliver to me in Norfolk. The costs are mounting dramaticly my end, any advice apreciated. deerwarden.

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    im having the same problem now every one wanst a slice of the pie. im using rainbow freight try them


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    Will send you a pm of someone I used for something a few years ago.

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    I also used rainbow freight a few years ago.

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    I used rainbow too and I think they were fine. Logwin logistics handled it all as I recall. Plenty of info on the net about them. Are your trophies on their way? I got hammered one time with trophies from Namibia stuck in London.

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    Use Martin aries at Rainbow Freight. 01784 455356. He will look after you, tell him Adrian sent you.


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    +1 for Martin at Rainbow Freight.
    Have used him for 6 trips and have never been let down.


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    He's not very good at answering emails............

    Anyone got a personal email address for him? (rather than the "reply" box on yellow pages etc)

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    Martin Aries <>

    Martin Aries
    General Manager

    Rainbow Freight Services Ltd
    Unit X, Mill Mead,
    Middlesex TW18 4UQ
    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0) 1784 455356
    Fax: +44 (0) 1784 455350

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