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Thread: Strange Week Of Events

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    Strange Week Of Events

    Last Wednesday i went to sit in a high seat to wait for a Boar which i managed to shoot after only a short wait,Friday i went to look for a fox that has been helping himself to a few chickens but no luck.Saturday i was invited to go stalking for Fallow Deer it was frosty and a bitter wind we looked most of the morning but no cigar, so we got out the shotguns and walked a hedge or two just to pass the time as we were going to look for a Fallow later on, we only got a few yards along a hedge when the first Pheasants got up i dropped one and my mate had the next a few more flew out and after an hour or so we had 9 pheasants and i managed to drop a Woodcock.After lunch we had another look around for a Deer but they were in hiding or on some one else's ground so as the sun dropped we called it a day.Monday night i was back out after the chicken thief with the night Vision the first fox i came across was to far away and gone in a second, i walked a couple of more fields and as i was nearly back to the Farm i spotted the fox he was sat 70yards away down with the sticks up with the rifle and bang.%$"&^ missed.Back to the Truck . Tuesday out to the Farm to zero my 223 and the 243 after giving them both a good clean i zeroed them both in and was happy with both at 1. 1/2 at 100 yards.Today i went in search of a Red Deer with my 308 it was cold and a bit slippery as the fog was starting to freeze the ground, as i was coming to a sharp bend when the closer i got i could just pick out a shape in the middle of the road it was some Beef bullocks that had got out of their field and they were in in a very dangerous spot, i tried to get them out of the way but it was hope less on my own it was 5.30 am and it is a fast bit of road so i phoned the Police and told them the situation and then went on my way.I got to my Red stalking ground at first light and started to walk the fields nothing showing on my patch but there were Deer not far away, after a couple of fields i could hear a sheep keep bleating time and time again and soon found out why ,the sheep had got it's head through some sheep wire and was tangled up good and proper it took me 15 minutes or so to get it free and when i did it took off across the field without a second look.I never got a chance to shoot a Red so off i went home, as i got back to where i had found the Beef animals in the morning i could see the Police had been there because the Bullocks were in a field covered with slurry and the gap where they had got through the hedge was covered in Police blue and white tape to stop them getting out again.And then this afternoon out with the 243 to look for a Roe Doe not to far from Home, i got to the field 2,.55 pm and got up into a double hedge and sat in wait to see if i was going to get some luck today.I was sat still for over an hour and i was getting colder and colder i was thinking to myself do i really need to sit here in the cold just hoping for a Roe to turn up, and then to my right i saw a Doe just walking up the slope towards me she was a fair way off i got to my feet and slowly positioned my sticks i measured the Deer at 138 yards at this point she turned out in the field as if to walk across it i took aim at the neck and waited for her to stop and when she did i i pulled the trigger dropped her on the spot.I got to my Deer and started gralloching the carcase when my mobile phone rang, it was a with held number and when i answered it it was my local Police station thanking me for making the call in the morning about the Bullocks in the road he said they were in a Dangerous place and it would surprise me if i knew how many Deaths were cause by Animals in the road.Well it was 2 firsts for me first time i have been thanked by the Police and the first time i have had my hands inside a Deer while talking to a Police officer. So all in all it was a strange week of events. But i got a Deer.


    And tomorrow night we are out after some Foxes on another farm i wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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    Well,you did well in the end Bud,but,I am having all sorts of unsavoury thoughts going through my mind as to why it took you 15 mins to extricate the


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    Bring a hot water bottle. then you wont be cold quite as long.
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    Well Martin you know me!!!! i was always told never look a gift horse in the mouth..

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    Well,you did well in the end Bud,but,I am having all sorts of unsavoury thoughts going through my mind as to why it took you 15 mins to extricate the

    You thought he was warming his extremities/y?
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    And she ran off ungreatfull ewe

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