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Thread: Interesting cut away of a Stag's chest cavity

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    Interesting cut away of a Stag's chest cavity

    Apols if this vid has been posted before, but difficult to search to see really.

    The first 10 mins is some regular Highland red stalking, but as they are trying to show how good their brand of ammunition is, they do a section of the chest where it was shot. Very little disruption in there to be fair. But helpful especially to novices in relation to internal organ location and shielding from shoulder etc.


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    A nice clear view of vital organs seen from a different angle...very helpful for people new to stalking with regard to shot placement.

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    A very helpful vid there for showing shot placement for the two types of hunter

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    Well, no trees for a suspended grallock, is this an alternative?

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    Saw this when it first appeared on fieldsports Britain very interesting think it was the follow up to visiting the Norma factory.

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    And very good advice - shoot for the offside shoulder and the bullet will go through the vitals. You don't have to very far back from the shoulder to be into the liver and rumen.

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    Good video very useful. Thanks for the post

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    Great Video i was a slaughterman for 19 years and still found it helpfull

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    Thanks for posting, very interesting.

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